Who are you?

Money or Team?Money or Team?

Hibernation is something we all need.  I have cashed in my Zzzz’s to ask Ryan Fitzpatrick a question. Who are you? Who are you to brutally murder what playing football is really about!? Who are you to choose money over the future of a franchise that needs you!?  When did football the sport us, the fans love. turn into negotiations and money signs.? When i use to hear Ryan Fitzpatrick say “I just want to say thank you to all the jets fans” i believed in a guy who meant something to this franchise and New York Jets Fans. You Mr.Fitzpatrick have a duty has a Player to be a role model to the kids and teach them the passion of the game.  You showed that a dead franchise can gain a heartbeat and make the organization alive again.  I ask you Ryan Fitzpatrick Who are you?


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  1. Fitz after that money! I can’t blame him. The NFL chews up and spits out players like its nothing. He has to fend for himself.

  2. Should be more about your team and the passion of the game money will come but should not be the main focus.

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