The Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: Top 5 DFS Players for the 2015-2016 Season


Draftkings is kind enough to breakdown your most used players for the fantasy season. Moon Man has thoughts…….

These are the 5 players that were most frequently used in Moon Man’s lineups this season.

1. Antonio Brown

-24.0% of lineups.

Week in and week out. Antonio Brown is a stud. Outperforming quarterbacks and running backs weekly. Antonio Brown changed the standard. His consistency at the wideout position is unmatched. Reminds me of when Megatron was healthy. Except Brown’s floor in fantasy points is unmatched.

Enter Michael Vick and Landry Jones. Unfortunately Big Ben got injured this year. This effected Brown’s consistency as expected. What did that mean for fantasy owners? It simply meant lowering our expectations and understanding that his value was not there. He was still in my lineups. Just not in 80%-100% of my DFS lineups.

It is truly remarkable that we were able to pencil in 5 catches for 110 yards or 6 catches for 80 yards and 1 touchdown per week. This is the insane value that led me to starting Antonio Brown more than any other player in my DFS lineups. Oh, and he puts in work during the return game. Thank you Mr. Brown for your hardwork.

2. David Johnson

-23.9% of fantasy lineups.

Moon Man has a fantasy obsession with Mr. Johnson. He is 6’1, 220lbs and common sense. All in one package! He is one of the few players who you just know.

Every year in fantasy this happens. It boggled my mind this past season that David Johnson wasn’t on more fantasy owner’s minds.

Things we should have done with Mr. Johnson:

  1. Draft him in fantasy leagues other than just waiting for the opportunistic time during free agency.
  2. Stash for the fantasy playoffs was written all over him. Stashing him until the playoffs in weeks 13+ is the story I read. When I viewed him breaking tackles and being super fast during the preseason.
  3. Bruce Arians offense.
  4. Arizona Cardinals were nasty coming into this past season

Turns out he produced since week 1. Offering more value that Moon Man found enjoyable.

3. Rob Gronkowski

21.4% of lineups.


-Value, Value and the greatest! Stud! HOF!

Flexing in DFS brought great combination plays. Offering even more value with the Greatest Gronk. When we are sure a tight end other than Gronk will go off. Which happened often in fantasy this past season. Thoughts of the Matchups!

Meaning fantasy statistics, offensive vs defensive skeems. The defense’s lb/db weight, height and skillset. When facing players such as Gary Barnidge, Tyler Eifert and Jordan Reed. Forecasting the potential tight end explosions are always in the sky. Or Andy Reid coaching the Pro Bowl and having Travis Kelce as his tight end helps.

4. Devonta Freeman

16.4% of lineups.


I mean?

Weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6. These four games produced historic numbers:

-84 carries for 462 yards and 8 tds.

-25 receptions for 233 yards and 1 td.

Totalling 109 touches for 695 yards and 9 touchdowns!

Still. Consistency wasn’t there for the price tag after the first half of the season.

5. DeAngelo Williams

14.6% of lineups

What a shocker. After 9 years in Carolina. Big Ben and Company helped make DeAngelo Williams a consistent play weekly.

-200 carries- 907 yards- 11tds.

-40 receptions- 367 yards.

Apparently the Pittsburgh Steeler’s players were good plays this season. 40+ points is golden in DFS. Further emphasizing the QB/WR combo, Teams Going Off and Fantasy Common Sense.

Sun Show Combo

Sun Show Combo

Where do I see these players next season? Moon Man looks up.


(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In = Combination Lineups)

May the Fantasy Force be with you,

Moon Man

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