OVERVAULED/UNDERVAULED 2017 fantasy football.


Fantasy owners love to talk about sleepers and busts, it is like finding a diamond in the ruff. I believe the term “sleeper” and “bust” do not reflect actual topic of the debate. So let’s be accurate on how we should call these “sleepers” and “busts”, UNDERVALUED and OVERVALUED. I will let you in on my top 5 over/undervalued players for the 2017 Fantasy Football season.


1.ALSHON JEFFERY (WR )EAGLES- Way too many mouths too feed in Philadelphia. I am not denying Alshon is a great player when he plays but every year he has been injured, mostly due to his hamstring.  Second, NFL Free-agents tend to not do so good in new systems.

2. MIKE EVANS (WR) BUCCANEERS- Evans had a wonderful year last year due to his 173 targets first in the NFL. Tampa bay did a lot in the off season with adding DeSean Jackson, O.J Howard and Chris Goodwin.  Unless he leads the NFL in targets again, which i do not see happening, i would take him third round if he is still left.

3. JAY AJAYI (RB) DOLPHINS- Break out season with 1,272 rushing yards and eight touchdowns last year. This all came mostly from a 3 game spurt, which was incredible but after that he failed to top 80 yards. His last five games he had 2.7 YPC. All i can say if he plays the bills play him in draftkings.

4. DAK PRESCOTT (QB) COWBOYS- I can totally see why everyone is so high on Prescott, but let’s be honest Dallas is  run first offense. Dak ranked (23rd) in pass attempts last season. There was not too much film on Prescott last year but i expect 9 or more interceptions this year.

5. C.J ANDERSON (RB) BRONCOS- A mad house in Denver for running backs, you have Devontae Booker and now they signed Jamaal Charles. Will Anderson ever be what he was in 2014 in 2015 Anderson didn’t exceed more then six fantasy points. Then last year he was injured in Week 7. I do not even see Anderson starting this year.


1.JOHN BROWN (WR) CARDINALS- Well at least we know the cause for Browns horrible 2016 campaign he had a sickle cell trait. The doctors also removed a cyst from his spine, when brown was healthy he averaged 15.4 yards per catch, 9.9 yards per target, with six catches over 40 yards or more with 101 targets.  Top 10 receiver this year mark my words.

2. ELI MANNING (QB) GIANTS- This is my golden pick of the 2017 season. I believe Eli will have his best season yet. Brandon Marshall this year will give the juice Manning needs to throw for over 35 touchdowns this season. I see Eli with over 4000 yards ending up as a top 5 QB this season.

3. JOSH DOCTSON (WR) REDSKINS- Doctson’s rookie season ended last year with a season ending injury. In training camp he looks quick and with the release of two of redskins top receivers its the next man up mentality.

4. JULIUS THOMAS (TE) DOLPHINS- Thomas reunites with Adam Gase who was Denver’s OC where Thomas had his best season yet 54 receptions 12 touchdowns and 638.5 yards.  Now adding Cutler too the mix will surely help, cutler loves big targets in the Red Zone.

5. AMEER ABDULLAH (RB) LIONS- Lion’s passed by running backs in free agency and the draft, which tells us they still believe in Abdullah and you should too. Detroit signed two of the top offensive linemen in free agency. Paving the way for a combo running attack with Theo Riddick.




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    Bruh Mike Evans… naw

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