Eagles Draft Paxton Lynch #2 Overall.

2016's Big Three (image via www.si.com)2016's Big Three (image via www.si.com)

Will the Philadelphia Eagles select a QB second overall? Carson Wentz visited with the Eagles on at least 5 separate occasions. The Birds clearly have shown interest in Carson Wentz. Taking Jared Goff at #2, if the Rams snag Wentz will happen regardless. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie is looking to get a franchise QB. Sure Joey Bosa, Myles Jack and Jalen Ramsey are studs and worth taking with the #2 overall pick. The Eagles re-signed Sam Bradford to a 2 year deal worth $35 million ($22 million guaranteed). They also signed Doug Pederson’s qb Chase Daniel to a 3 year deal worth $21 million ($12 million guaranteed).

Is drafting a QB smart? Well, the Birds won’t trade Bradford this season considering his pricetag. If the Denver Broncos are asking Colin Kaepernick to take a paycut from $11 million to $7 million. I doubt the Broncos will consider trading for Bradford. This trade means the Eagles will ride with Wentz or Goff come the 2017 NFL season. The future in Lurie’s eyes is brightest with Wentz and bright with the more polished Goff. What about Paxton Lynch? He size and skillset deserve consideration but as the #2 pick? Unlikely the Birds draft him but not totally out of the question. The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Blake Bortles #3 overall in 2014. Ahead of Teddy Bridgewater, Derek Carr and Johnny Manziel. Up until the Draft, experts were debating on who the Jaguars should take and Bortles was not the consensus to go 3rd overall. Check out the other players the Jags passed on for Bortles in 2014 (http://ffnation.com/mock-draft-nfl-round-1/ ).

The Eagles should Draft Paxton Lynch 2nd if Wentz is gone. The 49ers would be happy. The 49ers are the odd team out if Wentz and Goff go one two. Great move by the Birds to secure a QB and move ahead of San Fran. So let’s say Goff and Wentz go 1 and 2. The Chargers, Cowboys, Jaguars and Ravens select in no specific order: Joey Bosa, Jalen Ramsey, Myles Jack and Laremy Tunsil. Is DeForest Buckner or Vernon Hargreaves better value at pick 7 than Paxton Lynch? No, when the niners need a QB. Blaine Gabbart is not the answer and Kaepernick is an overpaid backup at the moment. The San Francisco 49ers need to draft whichever QB is remaining. Landing them in the same boat as the Eagles. With three QBs on the roster and questions surrounding whether or not any of them are the future. Looks like time will be the only factor in clearing up this Quarterback Clutter.

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  1. IDK bro. Lynch at 2??? Think about his draft position if he was in last year’s draft. Probably not even a 1st rounder.

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