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I am not talking about the classic Queen catchy tune. I am talking about a certain art form of the NFL. Now what can contradict and stop or produce pressure at the highest level of American football. Is it a great offensive line, defensive line, play formation or the players in General. Laid out on a test question hopefully you choose All of the above. Will pressure in Super Bowl 50 win or loose for Carolina or Denver.  In this article i will breakdown how each team succeeds and fails in bringing and receiving pressure.

Carolina Panthers

  1. Offensive Line- Carolina’s 0-line allowed cam to be hit only 61 times this year that is the 3rd lowest in the NFL.
  2. Cam Newton- Has scored 10 rushing TDS this season majority was due to pressure leaking from the edge of The D-line. Cam Newton has amazing perception on the pressure and is able to scramble and also from what we have seen in the 2015 season can throw the long pass outside/inside the pocket.

Denver Broncos

  1. Defense- Since we were kids we were told what wins games Defense till this very moment i was always skeptical of this saying. Till the Denver Broncos made me a believer.  Denver defense ranked 1 in the NFL. 14 interceptions 4 returned for pick 6. 52 sacks on the season with opponents at 39 sacks for the season. 25 forced fumbles with 13 recovered and 1 TD on fumbles.
  2. Players bringing pressure- Von miller has played 16 games and has hurried the quarterbacks 25 times which means that the quarter back threw a incomplete pass or a interception or thrown away. Malik jackson has hurried a quarterback 21 times this season, Derek wolfe 15 times and ware 10 times.

There are many forms and styles that you can use in the NFL to me the most important that will crown the next super bowl champion is pressure. Can Denver’s defensive pressure force cam to throw incomplete/interceptions on the run? Can Carolina’s offense line read the pressure then confront and contain it? I believe that the second half mainly deep in the third quarter will be the light for Denver and there Blitz/pressure on cam will be too much for the tattered up not so good second half o-line for Carolina.

My prediction for the super bowl is CAROLINA PANTHERS -13 Denver Broncos- 21

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