Thursday night preseason week 3 Draftkings line-up

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Hey everyone, I like to dabble in the preseason games to get your head right for week 1 of the NFL season.  We have two games we can dabble and pick players from this week.

Atlanta Falcons vs Miami Dolphins and Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle Seahawks.

With every player being 5,500, its all about grabbing  players that are fighting for jobs.  In this line-up I went with a lot of Miami Dolphins players because they seem to not be ready for the regular season and the core starters will be playing the first half.

Then we have the WRS from Atlanta, we have a huge slot receiver job open for grabs. Let’s get it!


QB- Ryan Tannehill

RB-Arian Foster

RB-Ezekiel Elliott

WR-Kenny Stills


WR-Tyler Lockett

TE-Jimmy Graham

FLEX-Jarvis Landry


I would plus this line-up in every contest you enter.

May the draft gods be with you!!!!!!!

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