The six p’s part four!


Sunshine glistening through my bay window landing on my closed eyelids! As i rub my eyes i was suddenly in childish spirits cause for Fantasy football enthusiast its Christmas day!  John Hancock were requested by a lot of the top free players today! Matt forte to the jets, my plea for the fans to not commit suicide was heard!  we saw the Texans get a major upgrade with Lamar miller signing 4 years 26 million dollars 14 million guaranteed, then went and got Brock osewiler for 72 million for 3 years. What Houston did is what free agency is all about making dynasty moves! Lets take a look at who the San Frisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Indianapolis colts and the Seattle Seahawks should sign.

San Frisco 49ers- Frisco the home of the liberals and after today i believe San frans football I.Q. went up with the resigning of Ian Williams.  As of now C.j Anderson restricted free agent status hasn’t been signed.  Anderson would improve on a area that lets face it has a run of bad luck in. If your a running back in San Francisco your most likely have absorbed the injurie voodoo curse.  We saw it with Reggie bush then with Carlos Hyde.  You may say 2016 was C.J Anderson’s worst year but what do you expect with sharing touches with Ronnie hill man who remained the starter throughout the season.  C.j Anderson can be a blanket of security on the passing game as well as a powerful HB.

Denver Broncos- Talk about a fire sale, a lot of top names will be leaving the Broncos Danny trevathan, malick Jackson, Owen Daniels and Brock oseweiler.  On top of that you have a legend Peyton Manning announced his retirement on Monday. Where does that leave Denver? QUARTER-BACKLESS!!! The one name that name that could find a home there would be Colin Kapernick.  If the San Frisco 49ers allow him to move teams this would be one of the biggest deals in free agency! 2015 season was a nightmare for Colin and the 49ers who knows if it was head coach Fischer or the system one thing i do know is he will have one more chance or he will be deemed the next geno smith!

Indianapolis colts- Colts have hired ted monagine a former linebacker coach for the ravens.  That is good news cause a young OLB Courtney Upshaw is on the free agency list from Baltimore ravens.  Talk about a young strong linebacker who has the tools to become a every-down back not to mention he hasn’t missed one NFL game in his career! The colts need a young outside linebacker and with Ted Monagine already there you can kill 2 birds with one stone.

Seattle Seahawks- I talked about the ravens signing okung if Seattle did not make moves on re-signing there OT. Seattle needs to think long and hard about letting a big brute in the trenches go.  If you thought the pass rush was getting to wilson in the 2015 season you dont want to see it without okung! Second move is a franchise wide receiver sure you have lockett coming into his second year with promise and Doug Baldwin but lets face it before the middle of the 2015 season Baldwin was nothing more then a waiver pick-up/dump-off.  If seattle doesnt re-sign kearse which i believe they wont due to his size and lack of special teams, i suggest making a move for anquin boldin he may be in his 30s but can do wonders for seattles special teams and morale in the locker room!


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