The Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: Blizzard


The thought process for this week’s games must be adjusted with only 4 teams left. Stacked offensive lineups and top notch DST. The focus on good lineups begins.


Tom or Cam or Palmer???

-Cam offers the best value with his running abilities. Cam beasted all year!

QB DFS point projection(ppr).

  1. Cam Newton- 26.1 points.
  2. Tom Brady- 23.4 points.
  3. Carson Palmer- 16.3 points.
  4. Peyton Manning- 15.9 points.


David Johnson, David Johnson, Ohhh David Johnson!!!

The Moon Man gravitates to Mr. David Johnson. Big Dawg Johnson is a splendid display of power and elusiveness.

Jonathon Stewart….it’s awesome to witness Jonathan Stewart playing on a consistent basis. Fantasy wise he has become reliable.

What’s up with Ronnie Hillman and C.J. Anderson in the thought process? They were both productive in the first matchup home vs the Patriots. The Broncos running backs have been up and down all year long. Was that game just an up. Patriots DST isn’t the best against the run. So I’d roll the dice with both Broncos running backs this time around. Maybe even combo them in a few lineups. They do offer good value vs the top two running back’s price tag.

Belichickanigans this week???

Steven Jackson didn’t receive many carries last week nor did Brandon Bolden.

James White out of the backfield this week?


James White running the ball this week? Looks like another week of throwing darts with the Patriot’s running backs. Who woulda thought Dion Lewis was one of the few backs to enjoy Belichickanigans and perform consistently with points. White has big plays and is fun to watch if you ask me. Just don’t know if he will get the carries. Plug them all in. Multiple lineups

I’m not really worried since Stewart and Johnson are playing. Broncos DST has been solid all year long anyway.

RB DFS rankings(ppr).

  1. David Johnson
  2. Jonathan Stewart
  3. Ronnie Hillman
  4. James White
  5. Andre Ellington
  6. C.J. Anderson
  7. Steven Jackson
  8. Branden Bolden
  9. Michael Tolbert

Eldeman is Brady’s number #1 target.

Julian Eldeman is a safe bet for at least 15 touces/targets.

Brandon Lafell and Danny Amendola are dart throws.

Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas??

-Sanders! Last weekend, Peyton was throwing to every Broncos WR so we shall see. I’m sticking with the Studs regardless.

Larry Fitzgerald is Carson’s #1 target.

Michael Floyd and John Brown are good value plays this week. 

Combining these two wrs in multiple lineups will be done. Stacking all three Cardinals wideouts? At least in one lineup might be a good idea.

Ted Ginn Jr. Is boom or bust.

 A big donut last week. The only donuts I dislike are fantasy zeroes. Ouch!!! Still, he gets targets and his big play capabilities offer value this week. Ted Ginn Jr. needs to be in multiple lineups.

As for Corey “Philly” Brown and David Funchess?? Philly is if I must.

WR DFS projections(ppr).

  1. Eldeman- at least 15 targets/touches.
  2. Sanders- 15.2 point floor.
  3. Thomas- at least 10 targets/touches.
  4. Fitzgerald- 9.3 point floor.
  5. Michael Floyd- 9.1 point floor.
  6. Ted Ginn Jr.- at least 11 targets/touches.
  7. John Brown- potential of going off!!!
  8. Danny Amendola- 8 point floor.
  9. Philly Brown- 7.8 point floor.
  10. Keyshawn Martin- Belichickanigans.

Gronk!!! Future Hall of Famer. Need I say more. Every week Gronk is a viable option.

Olsen has great value.

Owen Daniels has potential to be this week’s sleeper at the tight end position. Vernon Davis does present matchup problems but isn’getting many snaps. Virgil Green gets more looks than Davis. Owen Daniels in a few lineups is a nice dart throw.

TE DFS projection(ppr).

  1. Gronk- 16.2 point floor.
  2. Olsen- at least 8 targets.
  3. Daniels- potential super value play!
Do not over think this one.

Do not over think this one.

Moon Man has thoughts on players and their potential VALUE in this Sunday’s Conference Championship Games!!!

Andre Ellington– Numbers say Panthers DST is weak against backs out of the backfield. David Johnson and Andre Ellington should be combined in lineups today!

Cam Newton and Tom Brady have been studs all year long. Both qbs are facing these same tough defenses for the 2nd time this season. The Panthers will most likely come out and control the middle of the field with the run game. Cam utilizing the read option and Greg Olsen being a big part of the gameplan. Even with the tough matchup. Greg Olsen will get his looks as the Panthers primary offensive weapon. What does this mean? It means, Cam will have the ball in his hands a lot. Run opportunities and play action over the top to Ted Ginn Jr.

Greg Olsen will get his targets. If shut down. It could lead to more targets for Ginn, Brown and Funchess. If shut down, is the question. I still like Olsen in my lineups. Any which way Cam is going to have the ball which is why I have him ranked #1.

Moon Man is combining Julian Eldeman and Gronk with Tom Brady in multiple lineups.

Keyshawn Martin, Danny Amendola and Brandon Lafell are plug ins. Will one of these wrs be this week’s Jeff Janis? 30+ points is not happening so try not to catch magic in a bottle twice.

Michael Folyd is the Cardinals #2 WR and the Panthers have struggled all year versus #2 wideouts.

Moon Man wonders which game will be a barn burner?

Moon Man wonders which game will be a classic defensive battle?

If there will be a blowout? problly not considering these teams know eachother well. The Broncos, Panthers and Cardinals are top 5 DST which leads me to thinking NO……….but wait…..

Carson Palmer and company have performed on the road all season. Possibility of a blowout is there. Definitely making lineups with this in mind.

Definitely making lineups with Cam and company going up 31-0 after the 1st half in mind. These things happen and I do not wanta miss out on it.

Will Peyton Manning return to glory? All signs show the same Peyton we’ve seen all season. Peyton is the 4th ranked qb on the moon radar this week for a reason. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas are studs wrs so a few Denver Broncos lineups make sense nonetheless. Brock Osweiler‘s victory earlier this season home to the Patriot’s resonates with me. The run game dominated. Cold weather and an aging Manning. Are signs of great value with the Broncos running backs.

Tom Brady is an all-time great but there will not be a Patriot’s blowout against that Broncos DST. However the Patriot’s could pound the rock themselves. Ehhh, maybe not. Better plug in Steven Jackson to be safe.



(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In = Combination Lineups)

May the Fantasy Force be with you,

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