The 6 Fantasy Football P’s (Free Agency) Part 3!

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As we follow the yellow brick road carrying our 6 P’S towards free agency. We stop and take a look at the next four NFL teams. The Oakland Raiders, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans.

Tennessee Titans– Most people expect the Titans to use there 1st round pick on an offense lineman. Protection for the Titans franchise quartback Marcus Mariota is a must and with the recent acquisition of Demarco Murray. This seems to be a foregone conclusion. I still think trying to sign OT Russell Okung from the Seattle Seahawks would only bolster the Tennessee Titans further. Okung was a former top ten pick and a veteran who would immediately start at tackle. Depth is crucial on the offensive line.

Oakland Raiders– Just released by the Bills. Defensive end Mario Williams would fit well on the edge for Oakland. Khalil Mack on the other side or same side! They can be the next Demarcus Ware/ Von Miller combination. Acquiring Mario Williams would bolster Oakland‘s playoff chances immediately. This move in my opinion will give a boost to the secondary. As you saw in the 2015 season the raiders secondary was on the field way too much due to lack of pressure on the opposing quarterback. Mario Williams will make Khalil Mack better and vice versa.

New York Jets– Man oh man, last season the Jets fans suicidal rate almost went down. If only they made the playoffs? Ryan Fitzpatrick made magic with Brandon Marshall and one of my all time favorite wrs Eric Decker. What would make this team shine and give Ryan Fitzpatrick an extra security receiver with the ability to truck for yards….? Matt Forte! This would give the New York Jets the extra power needed to take control of a powerful AFC East Division. I urge the Jets to fight hard for a receiving back and if not? J-E-T-S fans might be feeling six feet under in year 2017.

Philadelphia Eagles– My home town, so this one hits home for me! Not really excited about the re-signing of Sam Bradford. He is injury prone and im pretty sure that playbook on his wrist is full of band-aids. With a quarterback like that you need a viable and great QB2. Mark sanchez is not that guy. We have seen his tarty pocket presence with throwing into tight quarters for easy interceptions.  If the Philadelphia Eagles make any moves. They should look towards Colt Mccoy. Colt is a veteran with mobility. Colt can make a home here in Philadelphia. Especially after Kirk Cousins was franchise tagged by the Washington Redskins.

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