Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to sign this offer!

Is $12 million not enough???Is $12 million not enough???

The New York Jets reportedly offering Ryan Fitzpatrick $24 million over 3 years. With $12 million guaranteed in year 1 of the deal. Followed by $6 million in 2017 and $6 million in 2018. The $12 and $6 million yearly is below $18 million he original asked for as it should be.

Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to take the offer and recognize that he will be in a winning situation in New York. He could hold out next year for a better contract if he does well in 2016. All in all Ryan Fitzpatrick is a journeyman who throws too many ints. His numbers were the best of his career in 2015. No sh$t with Brandon Marshall bailing him out numerous times and Eric Decker as a viable #1 WR. Todd Bowles has the culture in New York rocking and rolling. With or without Fitzpatrick. The New York Jets will be fine. The drop off from Fitz to Geno Smith is not drastic in my opinion. Both quarterbacks are average. With Geno, the Jets are unsure of how the offense will fare. With Fitz, the Jets at least know their direction on offense. This is the only major difference between the two qbs.

It is not a matter of what RG III, Mark Sanchez, Brock Osweiler, Sam BradfordBrian Hoyer and Chase Daniel make at this point. Leaning on this point, should be a thing of the past for Fitzpatrick’s agent. Long gone!!! Bottom line is Ryan Fitzpatrick’s only job opportunity is with the New York Jets. Either sign the offer, go elsewhere for less as a backup or retire until Tony Romo gets hurt when the Cowboys are in the Playoff hunt.

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