Preseason Preview: Hall of Fame Game

PreseasonEddie Lacey 2015 weight.

Today is a marvelous day for NFL fans. Tonight at 8 EST time on ESPN, the COLTS will go head-to-head with the PACKERS.  We are all very excited to see Andrew Luck even if it is only for a couple minutes just too see how he bounced back from that horrendous spleen injury.  Will Aaron Rodgers now have the talent on the receiving core for a tremendous season. Will Frank gore old age knock his power busting YPR?  Will Eddie laceys weight loss bring him back to the Lacey of the 2014 season we all loved or with sparks gain the starting role? How effective will the packers defense be with Clay Matthews back at outside linebacker. Hopefully all these questions will be answered by the end of the preseason, we will start to see some of these answers unfold Tonight at 8 PM EST on ESPN.

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