Potential Carolina Panthers Game Flow for Super Bowl 50


Carolina Panthers potential game flow come Superbowl 50.

Last week I was spot on with Cam ranked as my top qb. It’s obvious again! I don’t see Cam throwing for 300+ yards and running for 2 scores. Although the Panthers might need that second score from Cam. If they want to win!

The Broncos defensive line will not stand for it. In specific Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware. These two will protect the edge. The Wiley veteran Ware may have lost a step but his football I.Q. makes up for the difference. If Cam gets frisky and runs too frequently. Look for the Broncos DST to strip the ball.

Cam’s ball placement has been spot on. I’ve been impressed with his throws all season. A stat line I like for Cam is:

-17-28 for 178 yards, 2 tds.

-13 rush attempts for 83 yards.

-2 fumbles, 1 lost.

Clearly Jonathan Stewart will touch the rock.

-22 carries for 142 yards, 1 td.

-2 receptions for 7 yards.

I expect the Panthers to own the middle of the field. Pound the rock up the middle. Opening up the read option for Cam on the outside. The Panthers must do this because their wideouts are going to get owned by the Broncos Defense.

Ted Ginn Jr., Corey Brown and David Funchess will struggle all day. Leaving it up to Cam and company to pound the rock. The Broncos should crowd the box, some 8 man fronts and bring pressure on 3rd and longs.

This will leave Ginn with 1 on 1 opportunities. Unlike last week where I liked Ginn’s big play value. The Broncos are a much more efficient defense in my opinion. The Cardinals missed tackles and forgot to cover space correctly last week. The secondary allowed the Panthers wrs to get too much separation and receive the ball in space. Even with 8 in the box, the Broncos will not make the same mistakes. Nor will they get beat deep this time. Jacoby Jones take II is not a movie I would recommend.

Mr. Greg Olsen will be the key. I like him to see the majority of targets. Will those targets be completions?

-6 receptions 42 yards, 1 TD.

Again, I’m giving the Broncos Defense credit here. After all. They were my preseason pick to win the Superbowl. Il post some thoughts about the Broncos game flow in the near future. Followed by DFS rankings(value). Leading up to Moon Man’s projections. Last week the moon Man nailed it when he told you to start Cam, David Johnson, Ginn, Gronk, Olsen and Owen Daniels. Unfortunately the Andre Ellington play was incorrect. The whole Cardinals team underperformed. Especially the wrs.


The Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: Blizzard

So……for now. That’s what I’m thinking for the Panthers and I’m sure I’ll adjust it as News breaks. Part of the joy with Fantasy is analyzing and making those adjustments. I’m out.


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