Today i did My first NFL fantasy draft of the year. It is a 12 person league standard scoring. I was picked to draft 5th. I will give you my reasons why i drafted these players at this spot, and where my mind process took me.

Round 1-Antino Brown WR PIT- For some odd reason Brown was up for the taking at pick number 5. Last year Brown had 106 receptions for a total of 1,284 yards and 12 TDS. I see Brown matching his same 2016 year performance but Martavis Bryant is back which will eat up some of the TDS.

Round 2-Jordy Nelson WR GB- Jordy brought me to the super bowl last year and i am running with him agian with Rodgers in the pocket Nelson is  a TD machine! Jordy had 97 receptions for 1,257 yards for 14 TDS.

Round 3-Micheal Thomas WR NO- Thomas had a break-out Rookie season last year with 92 receptions for 1,137 yards for 9 TDS. With Cooks shipped to New England, Thomas will be the Saints Number 1 receiver.

Round 4-Travis Kelce TE KC- Kelce is a beast. With smith spreading the ball around a lot, leaves cracks for kelce to sneak through, which we saw last season. Kelce had 85 receptions for 1,125 yards with 4 TDS.

Round 5-Drew Brees QB NO- Drew is my fantasy weapon multiply years of 5,000 plus yard seasons. With Thomas in my line-up i have a QB/WR stack that has potential to be one of the best this season! Last season Brees had 5,208 yards 37 TDS with a QB rating of 101.7.

Round 6-C.Hyde RB SF- I like this pick in round 6 new coach means a different approach. Last season he had 217 attempts with 988 rushing yards, with 6 rushing TDS.

Round 7 starts to be a little free for all, these were my last 9 picks!

Round 7-Cam Newton QB CAR.

Round 8- Tevin Colemen RB ATL.

Round 9- Justin Tucker K BAL.

Round 10- Denver Broncos Defense.

Round 11- Jeremy Hill RB CIN.

Round 12- Wille Snead WR NO.

Round 13- Rishard Matthews WR MIA.

Round 14- Eric Decker WR TEN.

Round 15- Tyrell Williams WR LAC.

This team has a potential to win a Super Bowl. I will keep you updated.

May the fantasy gods be with you!

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