Moon Man’s Fantasy Football Chronicles: Top 10 Running Backs


Moon Man has thoughts on Running Backs. The #1 RB is a thing of the past. A majority of the NFL teams use a committee nowadays. Moon Man thinks having a true #1 running back like A.P. is desired. However, NFL teams draft differently with less RBs going in round 1. Obviously the Cowboys didn’t get the memo. Just like they didn’t get Paxton Lynch and used 2 of their first 5 drafts picks on non starters for the 2016 season. This RB approach puts emphasis on stud #1 backs which go early in Fantasy Drafts and bring consistent value in DFS. It also forces Fantasy Friends to draft handicaps to injury prone studs, focus on weekly matchups and select the correct tailback based on potential receptions/tds for the matchup. Committees such as the Bengal’s Jeremy Hill and Gio Bernard give Fantasy Friends headaches. Luckily for you. Moon Man pays close attention to their tendencies based on historical numbers come the matchup. Drafting both rbs if applicable is a good idea and if an injury occurs. Then you are in a less confusing situation usually and can plug the newly appointed starter in regardless of the matchup. Let’s check out the best running backs for the upcoming 2016 season.


Top 10 Fantasy Football Running Backs

  1. Adrian Peterson (Vikings) – Adrian Peterson will break the single season rushing record in 2016. Moon Man doesn’t see a slow start for A.P. which is unusual for him. It’s also the main reason why he will finally break the record. The Vikings addition of Laquon Treadwell finally gives them dissent #1 and #2 wideouts which will open the ground up more. Not a fan of Teddy Bridgewater but Moon Man is a fan of the chemistry in Minnesota which will lead to points on the board.
  2. Le’Veon Bell (Steelers) – Sucked watching Bell get injured. A healthy Bell is the best Fantasy player in the game.
  3. Todd Gurley (Rams) – It was clear that Gurley was worth the 1st round selection in 2015. A full season under his belt and he will be off the draft boards in round 1 this year.
  4. David Johnson (Cardinals) – Moon Man’s favorite Fantasy player is a 3 down back. The Cardinals offense is fluid and the depth at the rb position will keep him fresh. Love his big play ability and size in the redzone.
  5. Devonta Freeman (Falcons) – Freeman was a beast the 1st half of last season. Expect much of the same, just not in as short a span. Less 30+ point games and more consistent 20+ point games.
  6. Lamar Miller (Dolphins) – Now is the time for Miller to prove his worth. The Texans offense looks different than recent years. 15+ touches a week are hard to come bye nowadays for rbs. Moon Man has Miller eclipsing 1,000 yards with 5 tds. PPR value here too.
  7. Jeremy Langford (Bears) – John Fox has the Bears headed in the right direction. Bye bye to Matt Forte and hello to this RB #1 for the next two seasons.
  8. Ezekiel Elliot (Cowboys) – Elliot will go on a tear the second half of the season. 1,200+ yards and 7 tds at season’s end.
  9. Thomas Rawls (Seahawks) – Clearly the lead back on 1st and 2nd downs. Look for Rawls to see more third downs towards the second half of the season. This guy produced when given the opportunity. Moon Man thinks the Seahawks offense will be in top 10 for points and yards for.
  10. Matt Forte (Jets) – 250+ touches is all Forte needs to ensure a top ten RB ranking. Moon Man expects the Jets to lean on Forte early in the season.

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