Genie in a bottle?


As you near the end of the corridor you come to a crossroad. To your right is vast amount of treasures, giant dimonds and the oaken stone. Yes you know exactly what your getting if you take that direction. Then suddenly a cold whisper comes from the left. You look to the left and its a bottle on a pedastool that you built. If you decide to go left and leave behind all that treasure for the utter sher of knowing this pick will lead your fantasy team into victorious battles. This moment in your fantasy draft is what makes or breaks your line up.

It is now the fifth round, the clock runoff tick adds one more moment of hitting the treasure or go rub the hell out of that bottle hoping this genie throws 6 TDS in a game or runs for 100+ yds per game. Well my avid ffnation readers I can say I was in that very corridor and I took my tub of Vaseline and went left. My Genie was Devonte Freeman 5th round  pick . This general lead fantasy owners into many victories in this grueling pigskin cyber game we call Fantasy Football.  264 Rush attempts for 1061 yards and  11 rush touchdowns.

Who are these genies that are subconusily imbedded in peoples left hallway in there own corridors.  Give yourself a pat on the back if your pick lands in my list of players who were drafted in depmentrul rounds.

1. Devonta Freeman- It is week 3 and the Falcons are playing the Dallas Cowboys. Now the spark that jolted Freeman into high gear was that much sweeter knowing it all started agianst Dallas.  30 rush attempts 141 yards 3 Tds with 5 receptions adding 52 yards in the air.  Now there was enough spark to continue Freemans Spree of Fantasy points in the following weeks that helped owners win there weekly Match-ups. I predict that Devonta Freeman will be a First round pick next year.

2.Tom Brady- Tom makes the list because of deflate-gate. To have a top quarterback suspended and the unknown of appeal being upheld was a huge draft factor. I comend the avid Tom Brady fans for drafting him before the 6th round. Tom bradys first game said it all 25 compleations  for 32 attempts, 288 yards and 4 touchdowns with 0 interceptions. That is a qb rating of 91.2% he carried teams and the drafters said deflate-gate will not swade me from the genie to the right.

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