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Daily Fantasy Football DraftKings Strategy – NFL Conference Championships

The Foundation of our DraftKings Strategy is Drafting Combinations also known as Stacks. We start with a Simple Concept, Identify High Scoring Quarterback’s and Stack them with 1 – 3 of their Offensive Weapons.

Easy, Right?

We can also Roster a player from the Opposing Teams Offense.

We want points! Don’t We?

That’s 5 Players out of the 8 Needed for a Full Roster, we’re Already 62.5% there.

OK, What’s Next?

Now all we have to do is Plug in Cost Effective Players and Fill out our Lineups.

Sounds Good, but Who to Pick?

That’s where being a part of FF Nation comes in. WE DO the EXTENSIVE RESEARCH to Identify the Players and Offenses we think will be the Highest Scoring. Each week we’ll break down our Top Player Picks  in our Relentless Pursuit of $1 Million Dollars! 

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