DraftKings NFL Week 5 Positional Breakdown

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DraftKings NFL Week 5 Positional Breakdown


Week four was certainly a fun week for fantasy players, and I think week five should be even more exciting. Our picks have been pretty strong through four weeks and I am hoping to continue that trend this week.


Without further adieu, let’s get this thing started!




HIGH OWNERSHIP: I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tom Brady ($7500) will likely be the highest owned quarterback, and with good reason. I think the Browns will suffer the wrath of Brady and company, and I’m expecting a 30 point outing from Brady. Aaron Rodgers ($7700) should also see high ownership with a Sunday night matchup against the Giants. Philip Rivers ($6900) and Derek Carr ($6800) could end up as the highest owned quarterbacks in a game together. I don’t love Rivers in this one, but I don’t mind Carr. Carson Wentz ($6400) will also likely see high ownership after he has put up a few good outings in a row and his price is just dirt cheap for what he brings to the table. There could be some others here, but I think that this is the top 5.


LOW OWNERSHIP: Andrew Luck ($7100) has been mostly awful this year, but I do think that this is one week where he could do well. Ben Roethlisberger ($7200) was extremely low owned last week, and I could see it happening again with Rodgers and Brady in good positions. Matthew Stafford ($6600) is going to have low ownership for sure, as he hasn’t been putting up big games, and faces a defense that people are finally starting to realize is pretty good. Eli Manning ($6000) strikes me as someone who is due for a big game, and I think this Sunday night game could end up being a very high scoring game. Finally, Jameis Winston ($5800) is almost free against a Carolina defense that doesn’t look like what we’ve seen in years passed. He makes a nice play this week in tournaments.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Brady/Rodgers/Roethlisberger






HIGH OWNERSHIP – With Carson Palmer unsure to play, I can see the Cardinals pushing David Johnson ($7900) even more, so I think for slates with the Thursday night game, he will have high ownership. Le’Veon Bell ($7500) will always carry high ownership regardless of the matchup. Melvin Gordon ($7000) will definitely carry high ownership due to his red-hot start to the year. There has to be diminishing returns somewhere, and I think this is the week. Even though the passing game will see high ownership, I won’t be surprised if LeGarrette Blount ($5600) had a high amount of ownership, even after a bad week. Jordan Howard ($5200) should see a lot of ownership too, as he will be carrying most of the rushing offense. The same is likely to be said for Terrance West ($4800), after he saw over 20 carries and was the feature back last week.


LOW OWNERSHIP – Despite having started out hotter than just about any back, DeMarco Murray ($7200) could see low ownership this week, even against a poor Dolphins defense. LeSean McCoy ($6600) is somewhat in the same boat, but I don’t feel as good about using him this week then I do Murray. Eddie Lacy ($5900) hasn’t gotten things going this year, and if the Packers are able to get up on the Giants, I could see them using him to run the clock down. Frank Gore ($5700) is never seeing high ownership, as people think he is too old, but he still continues to produce. Even though he is a poor matchup, Theo Riddick ($4900) is in good situation. With Dwayne Washington hurt and a big drop-off in talent between him and Zach Zenner, I expect Riddick to manage to put together a solid game.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Howard/Johnson/Bell/West/Murray


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Johnson/Lacy/Gore/West/Riddick




HIGH OWNERSHIP – As always, expect crazy high ownership of Antonio Brown ($9800). It is with good reason too, so I wouldn’t try to get cute. After last week’s outburst, I would believe that Julio Jones ($9600) and A.J. Green ($8900) will see pretty high ownership levels as well. Jordy Nelson ($7900) will be highly owned as well, considering the matchup. Jarvis Landry ($7000) is always a high ownership guy on DraftKings with the whole full point PPR effect. I’d expect both Demaryius Thomas ($6900) and Emmanuel Sanders ($6800) to see high ownership as they have both had a few good weeks in a row. With Tom Brady back, I’d have to imagine that Julian Edelman ($6700) will see a ton of ownership this week. Even against the Patriots, I think Terrelle Pryor ($5800) will have a high amount of ownership. Steve Smith ($5300) is too cheap this week, so I would expect to see higher ownership of him.


LOW OWNERSHIP – One high priced guy I think that will see low ownership is Odell Beckham Jr. ($8500). After a slow start to the season and a few temper tantrums, I could see him having a big week as the squeaky wheel always seems to get the grease. Mike Evans ($7500) could see low ownership despite the fact that the Panthers were just destroyed last week through the air. Amari Cooper ($7200) hasn’t found the endzone, or a huge game yet this year, but I think both are going to happen this week. Jordan Matthews ($6800) could have low ownership as well in this one, making him an attractive target in tournaments. DeSean Jackson ($5900) will likely have very low ownership and is always a threat for a big game. Golden Tate ($4900) has been awful, but I expect the Lions to give him the John Brown treatment and feed him this week to try to get him on track. Finally, as a tournament play with some upside and low ownership, Davante Adams ($3900) makes a lot of sense.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Brown/Nelson/Landry/Edelman/Smith


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Brown/Tate/Evans/Cooper/Beckham Jr.




HIGH OWNERSHIP – After their outbursts last week, I can see Jordan Reed ($6600) and Greg Olsen ($6300) maintaining high levels of ownership. At his price against Miami, Delanie Walker ($4700) is a pretty strong option in all formats this week. Detroit has been pathetic against tight ends this year, so I think Zach Ertz ($3500) will be owned through the roof, and with good reason. Finally, I think we will see Hunter Henry ($3300) with high ownership as long as Antonio Gates remains sidelined.


LOW OWNERSHIP – Dennis Pitta ($4100) is going to have a big game eventually, but I expect his ownership this week to be pretty low. Martellus Bennett ($3700) could be overlooked because we know of how Brady plays with Edelman and Rob Gronkowski. Gronk is banged up so I think Brady will do some damage with Bennett. Zach Miller ($3600) could see a few more targets with Kevin White out and Alshon Jeffery not 100%. I don’t care who he is playing, Kyle Rudolph ($3600) remains a very realistic option, as he is clearly Sam Bradford’s top option. Finally, I think Cameron Brate ($2900) will go low owned because people just don’t really trust that he can be a productive tight end.








HIGH OWNERSHIP – For me, I think the ownership is going to be clear cut at the top. The Minnesota Vikings ($3400) have been strong all season and get a questionable Texans team at home. The Pittsburgh Steelers ($3500) get the New York Jets that have looked awful and they get them at home. I might not be a fan of the defense, but I am a fan of the matchup. Finally, I think the Philadelphia Eagles ($2900) could see high ownership due to how well they have played in the early part of the season.


LOW OWNERSHIP – Even though the game is at home, it is against a tough offense, but I think the low owned Denver Broncos ($3800) could put up nice numbers. The New England Patriots ($3700) could see low ownership, even against the Browns because of perceived better options at the same price range. Finally, I like the Carolina Panthers ($3300) who could see a dip in ownership after they got beat up last week.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Vikings/Steelers/Broncos


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Broncos/Panthers/Steelers


I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will be back next week. I hope to see you on the leaderboards!


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