DraftKings NFL Week 10 Positional Breakdown

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DraftKings NFL Week 10 Positional Breakdown


Last week was a great week for daily fantasy action, and this week looks to be just as good. I am excited to see how all of the ownerships fall into place. This article is designed to try to give you an idea as to how things could fall into place this week, and give you an upper hand in constructing your lineups for cash games and tournaments.




HIGH OWNERSHIP: Since the backfield is still completely and totally up in the air, and really no effective as it is, Aaron Rodgers (7600) will likely be very highly owned this week. I certainly don’t disagree with it, either. Even though he is on the road and in a “tough” matchup, Matt Ryan (7300) should be highly owned. We’ve seen this offense dominate in just about every matchup they’ve been in, and there is no reason to believe that won’t occur this week as well. Jameis Winston (6300) is kind of in the same position as Rodgers, where the running game is really uncertain, and the Bears are still being viewed as a poor defense, though they have improved quite a bit this year. Trevor Siemian (5800) gets to be the guy that faces the New Orleans defense this week. I don’t like using quarterbacks against New Orleans, as they really haven’t gone crazy like in years past, but this is mostly a point per dollar play. Carson Wentz (5400) is another one who is locked into a very good matchup, and the price is right, so I like the upside here in tournaments.


LOW OWNERSHIP: I am very curious to see how things pan out for Tom Brady (7400) and his ownership. This is a tough matchup, but he’s Tom Brady. I’m inclined to say that it is higher than I think it will be. I still think he is a worthwhile tournament play, regardless of the matchup. Ben Roethlisberger (6800) tends to get lost in the shuffle, but I think this is a great spot to roll him out in. The game should be close, and Dallas is far from a lock down defense with some key pieces missing. Could we actually see Drew Brees (6900) with low ownership as a result of playing a good defense? I think we will, which makes him an ideal target in tournaments. Cam Newton (6800) hasn’t really been doing big things, but the talent is there, and this isn’t that poor of a matchup for a guy who is going to have a big day sooner rather than later. Finally, Marcus Mariota (5700) remains underpriced, and is in a favorable situation on his home field where he is likely to be playing from behind. He will definitely make some mistakes, but all things considered, I think he should be able to pay off his meager salary.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Rodgers/Semian/Mariota


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Newton/Roethlisberger/Ryan




HIGH OWNERSHIP – Gee, this is simple: both David Johnson (8400) and Ezekiel Elliott (7900) are both in great matchups and are going to see sky high ownership. With some decent value at other positions, I wouldn’t be shocked to see many lineups stacking those two. Melvin Gordon (7100) continues to produce and has been probably the best story of the year, to be honest. The Dolphins have improved on defense, but just the usage Gordon gets makes him an excellent tournament play. Jay Ajayi (7000) has been a one man wrecking crew as of late, and gets an excellent matchup against the Chargers. I think he’s a great #2 to either Johnson or Elliott in your cash games if you can. Jordan Howard (6000) is another guy who could certainly see high ownership and is in an excellent matchup that he should certainly be able to take advantage of. I think those will be the highest ownership guys on the board, but I think we can hook on to some of these low ownership guys and still put together pretty strong lineups.


LOW OWNERSHIP – Coming off a game that didn’t look like his normal game log, against a tough run defense with two guys priced similarly in much, much better matchups, Le’Veon Bell (7700) could see his lowest ownership level of the year. I think this makes for an excellent spot to roll him out in tournaments. Lamar Miller (6400) is another likely to be overlooked option, as the matchup isn’t perfect, and there are better options above and below. It is another great spot for a tournament flier. Mark Ingram (5400) could be a good option to consider. I am not buying Tim Hightower unless Ingram is injured or fumbles again. I think he’ll go underowned again this week, and I have no hesitations about using him in tournaments. Darren Sproles (4200) should get most of the work again out of the backfield, and also has the potential to catch a bunch of passes in what should be a pretty high scoring game. If you want to go with an expensive back, and then a cheap one, I like this idea of Sproles, who should be pretty solid this week. Kapri Bibbs (4000) could potentially out touch Devontae Booker this week, who just has not looked very good at all. I imagine he will go pretty underowned, and that makes for a nice spot to jump in on him. Finally, Rob Kelly (3600) is in an on paper poor matchup, but this Vikings defense has not looked great lately. I think he could end up squeeking out some big runs, and potentially a touchdown.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Johnson/Elliott/Ajayi/Howard/Sproles


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Bell/Miller/Ingram/Bibbs/Kelly




HIGH OWNERSHIP –  I do think it is a foregone conclusion that Julio Jones (9500), Mike Evans (9000) and  Antonio Brown (8900) will see high ownership, as a result of the fact that they should all see double-digit targets and for the most part are in favorable situations. Jordy Nelson (7500) has now posted back-to-back solid games, but nothing spectacular, but should remain a top option in this matchup. I would as well assume that both DeMaryius Thomas (6700) and Emmanuel Sanders (6800) will see a ton of ownership, as a result of playing the Saints. I do think they could be in for good days, but I thought the same thing last week and Siemian was just awful. Ty Montgomery (6500) has seen his price go up, but I think there is enough of a chance that he should be highly owned. Michael Thomas (6100) is a touchdown machine, and he will probably be highly owned as well. I think many people might be into Jordan Matthews (5900) at this price and in this matchup, but I have other ideas. Even though he has been unable to do a ton this year, I think we will see higher ownership on Tavon Austin (4100), as this is a good price, and the matchup isn’t exactly poor.


LOW OWNERSHIP – Poor DeAndre Hopkins (7100). Brock Osweiler looks awful, and he cannot connect with one of the top wide receivers in all of professional football. In tournaments, I actually like the upside in this matchup, and he will probably be lower owned than he should be. Brandin Cooks (7000) could see a dip in ownership due to the matchup, as well as the rise of Michael Thomas, but truthfully, hes the guy I would want at receiver, due to his top end speed and separation abilities. How in the world does Brandon Marshall (6900) only have two touchdowns on the year? I think that changes this week, and I’m expecting a big game and low ownership on him. Alshon Jeffery (6600) hasn’t been great, but things are ticking up for him with Cutler back under center. This is a good price and a sneaky price for him. Jamison Crowder (5000) is one of my favorite plays this week, but I think he’ll be lightly owned. It looks like Jeremy Maclin, who is on the wrong side of questionable and not very good this year anyway, could be out. If he is, I think we’ll see more gadget plays for Tyreek Hill (3800), who also returns punts and kicks giving him some additional upside, as he is fast and could definitely end up taking one to the house.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Brown/Nelson/Thomas/Jones/Sanders


HOW I’M USING THEM IN TOURNAMENTS: Cooks/Marshall/Jeffery/Hill/Brown




HIGH OWNERSHIP – Regardless of whom he is playing, Rob Gronkowski (6900) is on the slate and will unquestionably be highly owned. I don’t hate it; this is Gronk after all. Jordan Reed (6200) looks to be at full health, and he makes for a nice option against the Vikings defense. Greg Olsen (5900) will also see higher ownership going against the Chiefs. You typically do see higher ownership out of the top priced options. Antonio Gates (3900) should also see his ownership spike, as, even though it increased $900 since last week, is still far too low for who is likely the top option in this passing attack.


LOW OWNERSHIP – If he can manage to not throw his own flag at officials and therefore does not get ejected, Travis Kelce (5600) will probably be lower owned than he should. I love the play, as he should see plenty of targets with Maclin likely out. Zach Ertz (3700) is probably my favorite player at the position. I think he should see lots of opportunities against a Falcons team that isn’t very good at defense. Lance Kendricks (3000) isn’t a sexy pick, but the Jets have been very bad against tight ends, and Kendricks does get some good looks. Don’t be shocked to see him score this week. In the same vein, Virgil Green (2900) is back to full health, and is a sneaky option this weekend.








HIGH OWNERSHIP – I think there are basically two defenses this week that are likely to dominate ownership: Houston Texans (3800) and Arizona Cardinals (3700). They both have superior matchups, and could both easily see double-digit points if everything goes the way you would assume it does. Outside of them, I guess you could see higher ownership out of the New York Jets (2800), who will take on the Rams at home.


LOW OWNERSHIP – I think my top tournament defense is easily the Green Bay Packers (3000) who take on a turnover prone Tennessee Titans team. Mariota can have a huge fantasy day, and still fumble twice and throw three interceptions. It’s truly a sight to see. I think the Chicago Bears (2500) are interesting as well, as I think this team could funnel the Bucs passing game and press Winston into some bad decisions.


HOW I’M USING THEM IN CASH GAMES: Cardinals/Texans/Packers




I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will be back next week. I hope to see you on the leaderboards!


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