DraftKings Million Dollar Winner Lineup – 2016 Week 6

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DraftKings Million Dollar Winner Lineup – 2016 Week 6

Congrats to Mallen21 on this Million Dollar Winning Lineup! Let’s take a look at the lineup.

DraftKings Million Dollar Winner – Week 6

QB Matthew Stafford – Solid play here at home vs the Rams

RB Le’Veon Bell – Had a good matchup, but I was staying away from this game as the Steelers are often bad away from home. Bell put up a decent 18 points.

RB Lamar Miller – Stone cold lock of the week right here. Miller was set to have a big day at home vs the Colts. he finally reached the end zone.

WR Kenny Britt – Whoa! Kenny Britt!?! Hey, hats off. This is the MVP of the lineup and somehow people were on Britt. I was way off and went Tavon Autin, poor Tavon – He gets tons of targets, but never produces. Kenny Britt tho!?!

WR Golden Tate – Another play we were on because Ebron and Riddick were out. Tate was an amazing play this week.

WR Michael Thomas – Shoot game in NO coming off a bye.

TE Rob Gronkowski – My favorite stack of the week, Brady and Gronk.

FLEX RB LeSean McCoy – Chalk 35%, but 37 points can’t be denied.

DST Eagles – Put up 14 points suprisingly. I was on KC after Andy Reid and the Chiefs Bye.


Congrats again to Mallen21  on this Million Dollar Lineup! (145 entries)

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