DraftKings Million Dollar Winner – Week 5

week5 millionaire winning lineup draftkings

DraftKings Million Dollar Winner – Week 5

week5 millionaire winning lineup draftkings

Jamal07 killed it this week with his SINGLE ENTRY $1 MILLION DOLLAR CASH!!! Congrats – let’s take a look at his lineup.

QB: Philip Rivers was a pretty obvious play going up against the leagues worst pass defense… or was he, only 4% owned!

RB: Todd Gurley at 11% was fairly popular and there was a lot of buzz surrounding him this week, not bad at 18 points, but I wasn’t a buyer.

RB: Jordan Howard was a great value play this week. He was cheap at around 5,300 and produced a whopping 28 points. Even though 35% of the field had Howard locked in, I think he was still a good play.

WR: Randall Cobb is the all star in this lineup. A great move to go Cobb and not Jordy (who everyone else was on) in a potential high scoring game vs the Giants. Of course Jamal07 ran the risk of Cobb not producing and I preferred Jordy all week because of Cobb’s inconsistency, but you have to gamble to win. A 4% owned player with 22 points was the key to this winning lineup.

WR: T.Y. Hilton – My #1 receiver all week and I’m surprised he came in at only 12% owned. At home with Moncrief out vs the Bears… Give me T.Y.!!!

WR Brandon Marshall turned out to be a great play this week. A lot of hype around him, but I wasn’t buying. Fitzpatrick’s struggles, being in PIT and everyone seemingly on Marshall, I opted to stay away from him. Oops.

TE Martellus Bennett ripped it up with 30 points in Brady’s return.

FLEX WR Sammie Coates was a diamond in the orugh this week. 34 points and only 9% owned. People were cashing tickets with Ben, Bell and Coates this week.

DST: Vikings – Everyone was on the 3,400 Purple People Eaters, this was the consensus best D of the week.

Amazing win from Jamal07 on 1 entry! Congrats!


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