We sit as QB stack robots behind our DFS website,  searching for the right stack.  Well, you have been looking in the wrong mouse hole my friend.  The NFL analysts are sitting inside their LUXURIOUS  hole, splitting their cheese among them self’s.  It is human nature to be selfish and strive for your goals, are we not fighting for survival here.  What is the famous saying “Survival Of The Fittest” we may not mean to be this way it is just in our genes.  Since our subscribers here are family, I will share the all mighty “DOUBLE RB STACK”.  It doesn’t come very often there are many factors that have to fall into place.

  1. Value of the players has to be just right.
  2. The match-up has to be right.
  3. The teams offense has to have high scoring games in previous weeks.

Lucky for you Week 7 is that perfect week for a “DOUBLE RB STACK” lets take a look.

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