Brian Hoyer to Daaaa Bears!!!

The Lonely FitzThe Lonely Fitz

Looks like Ryan Fitzpatrick’s only option for the 2016 NFL season is with the J-E-T-S! Brian Hoyer recently inked a 1 year deal with the Bears. Backing up Jay Cutler. Its a good move on the Bears part with Cutler’s injury history and inconsistent play. David Fales and Matt Blanchard will compete for the 3rd string Quarterback position.

The Denver Broncos drafted Paxton Lynch and were not paying Fitz $18 million anyway. Denver wouldn’t even pay Colin Kaepernick $11 million.

The Jets have said they would like to work out a deal with Fitz and that he would be the starter. As of now Geno Smith is listed as the starter. With this year’s 2nd round pick Christian Hackenberg and 2015 Fourth Round pick Bryce Petty competing. The Jets QB situation is a mess and they continue to draft quartbacks. Four straight Drafts with a QB selection and still NO Solid starter. The Jets even traded up for Bryce Petty in 2015. I feel for the Jets fans but at least the Jets have options. Pre Season should be entertaining and annoying at the same time for Jets fans.


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2 Comments on "Brian Hoyer to Daaaa Bears!!!"

  1. Poor Fitz. Brandon Marshall isn’t happy :(

    • Winning cures all. Jets have a team to compete. Buffalo is better, Patriots are who they are, wildcard is Dolphins. Curious to see how the phins defense lines up this year.
      Marshall saved Fitz alot last year with his catch radius.

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