“Beacon of Hope”

Martavis BryantMartavis Bryant (Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images)

A diamond in rough is the only way to describe Martavis Bryant.  I am flabbergasted and quite a shame of the one year Suspension the NFL has set for Martavis Bryant.  It has been a pleasure to witness the finesse and elusiveness of a well balanced Wide Receiver these past two seasons.  I ponder and think how could someone with Pure talent be so irresponsible a second time with substance abuse.  Last season Bryant was suspended for the first four games of the regular season for substance abuse.

As a society we are eager to judge and throw labels on someone that shines in the limelight.  Why did he abuse substance?  Why jeopardize your career? Why give young/old people the wrong impression of being a NFL star.  Each and everyday there is a kid out there, waking up throwing on a Martavis Bryant jersey and heading out in to our society to market and be you for one whole day!  Your success and story is a way out for some kids dealing with hardships and a way out of who and what they can become every given Sunday!

People use the phrase role model a lot and i prefer to use the term “Beacon of hope.”  Hope is such a strong powerful word, as darkness clouds our mind and judgement we look for hope.  Martavis Bryant is a beacon of hope to millions of fans, and players surrounding the NFL!  Fettner went on record saying “We miscalculated the issue, it isn’t a party issue. Its a coping issue and a depression issue! He’s got to take care of it!”  I respect the depression and chemical imbalance of our body. Still doesn’t justify you putting your john Hancock on  NFL contract stating and agreeing to the NFL substance abuse policy!

Everyday on millions of people the number 10 Jersey  in black and yellow falls gently below the shoulders of Americans making you an icon.  Children waking up every Sunday morning grabbing your jersey, finding their dry muddy cleats and as they tie there last knot their young fragile minds may either grab the pigskin and hand it to a friend or they may grab a substance and abuse it. Will you be their “Beacon of hope”.

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  1. Not all heroes wear capes Andy

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