About FFNation

FFNation first started when a trio of brothers wanted a place to share their fantasy football opinions. We knew a lot about the NFL after following it our whole lives. All 3 of us have been competing in season long fantasy football leagues for years and cashing almost every year. We spend hours upon hours breaking down teams and players in our free time, we love it!

After hearing a lot about daily fantasy sports DFS from friends, the internet, and Draft Kings/Fan Duel commercials. We decided to start playing and test our skills. We signed up at Draft Kings for $25 each and started making lineups. This was about week 17 of the 2016 NFL season so we pretty much missed the entire regular season, but we had a few weeks left to play including the playoffs.

After about 2 weeks of playing, we turned a $3 entry into a $20,000 payday!

This just reinforced our belief that we had something special and FFNation was born!


$20,000 pay out, but decided to keep around $500 on the site for next season.

This site offers EVERYTHING fantasy football! From news, articles, and depth charts to player rankings, projections, and mock drafts!

We have a ton of free content that we love to share with our readers and we also offer a more in depth pro membership.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best fantasy football information on the internet!

Thank you for visiting :)

fantasy football rankings


2016 – 4th/320,000 – $20,000

2016 – 12th/432,000 – $1,200