2016 NFL Draft 1st Round Recap w/32 QB Fantasy Rankings

Wentz to Goff on a Cloudy Draft Day?Wentz to Goff on a Cloudy Draft Day?

Round 1 of the 2016 NFL Draft is in the books. Moon Man has thoughts on the three quarterbacks and their fantasy impact. Moon Man has also Ranked All 32 Starting QBs For Fantasy Football Friends.

Round 1

  1. Los Angeles Rams – QB Jared Goff (Cal).
  2. Philadelphia Eagles – QB Carson Wentz (NDSU).
  3. San Diego Chargers – DE Joey Bosa (Ohio State).
  4. Dallas Cowboys – RB Ezekiel Elliot (Ohio State).
  5. Jacksonville Jaguars – DB Jalen Ramsey (Florida State).
  6. Baltimore Ravens – OT Ronnie Stanley (Notre Dame).
  7. San Francisco 49ers – DE DeForest Buckner (Oregon)
  8. Tennessee Titans – OT Jack Conklin (MSU). Titans acquired this pick from the Cleveland Browns. In return the Titans gave up their 2016 Third Round Pick (#76) and a 2017 Second Round Pick. The Browns also gave up a 2016 Sixth Round Pick (#176).
  9. Chicago Bears – LB Leonard Floyd (Georgia). Bears acquired this pick from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In return, the Bears gave up their 11th overall pick and a 2016 Fourth Round pick 2016 (#106).
  10. New York Giants – CB Eli Apple (Ohio State).
  11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers – CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Florida).
  12. New Orleans Saints – DL Sheldon Rankins (Louisville).
  13. Miami Dolphins – OT Laremy Tunsil (Ole Miss).
  14. Oakland Raiders – S Karl Joseph (West Virginia).
  15. Cleveland Browns – WR Corey Coleman (Baylor).
  16. Detroit Lions – OT Taylor Decker (Ohio State).
  17. Atlanta Falcons – S Keanu Neal (Florida).
  18. Indianapolis Colts – C Ryan Kelly (Alabama).
  19. Buffalo Bills – DE Shaq Lawson (Clemson).
  20. New York Jets – LB Darron Lee (Ohio State).
  21. Houston Texans – WR Will Fuller (Notre Dame). Acquired Pick from the Washington Redskins in exchange for the Texans 2017 6th Round Pick.
  22. Washington Redskins – WR Josh Doctson (TCU).
  23. Minnesota Vikings – WR Laquon Treadwell (Ole Miss).
  24. Cincinnati Bengals – CB William Jackson III (Houston).
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers – CB Artie Burns (Miami).
  26. Denver Broncos – QB Paxton Lynch (Memphis). Acquired from Seattle Seahawks for pick #31 and a 2016 Third Rounder (#94).
  27. Green Bay Packers – DT Kenny Clark (UCLA).
  28. San Francisco 49ers – OG Joshua Garnett (Stanford). Kansas City Chiefs traded out of the 1st round. Acquired Three 2016 draft picks (#35,#105,#178).


29.  Arizona Cardinals – DT Robert Nkemdiche (Ole Miss).

30.  Carolina Panthers – DT Vernon Butler (Louisiana Tech).

31.  Seattle Seahawks – OT Germain Ifedi (Texas A & M).


All in All,

5 Trades occurred in Round 1. The exciting free agency start and combination of off-season trades led to Multiple Quarterbacks being thrown into the Fantasy mix for the 2016 season. Let the Quarterback Ranking’s Conversation Begin.

It’s April. Will Jared Goff out compete Nick Foles and Case Keenum?


-The Rams should start Goff regardless come game 1. Justify it with the move back to L.A. and being the #1 Overall Pick. Let a horrendous rookie fantasy football season begin.

-The Philadelphia Eagles are Flying high on Carson Wentz. Why Bradford? Why? After years and years of inconsistency at the helm and never leading a team to the playoffs. Competition to Prove you are a Viable #1 Overall Draft Pick and not a Bust is part of the QB field. A Two-Year contract is not a lock to be the Franchise Quarterback either. Now Wentz is in the building with a 1st year coaching staff and a competent backup QB/Coach. It’s Shape UP or Sit Bench for Bradford. This pre-season quarterback competition will be the best to follow. http://ffnation.com/carson-wentz-draft-forecast/ )

-Paxton Lynch will take the field before Wentz if Bradford humbles himself.  The Denver Broncos are going to be just fine. Lynch is the first step to maintaining a championship caliber team. Broncos fans should be satisfied. Mark Sanchez is a good teammate and will do whatever is necessary for the team’s success. You can’t deny him that. Two AFC Championship appearances, veteran experience and an Elway-esk smile will produce smooth sailing for the QB competition in Denver. Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas were hurt by Brock Osweiler and Peyton Manning in 2015. Sad day when Peyton hurt Two #1 Fantasy Wrs numbers. Times have changed. Sanders and Thomas are not weekly locks for the second straight season.

Check out Moon Man’s Fantasy Quarterback Rankings in April:

  1. Blake Bortles – Jaguars
  2. Tom Brady – Patriots.
  3. Cam Newton – Panthers.
  4. Tony Romo – Tony is Back! Cowboys.
  5. Kirk Cousins – Redskins.
  6. Aaron Rodgers – Packers.
  7. Marcus Mariotta – Titans.
  8. Russell Wilson – Seahawks.
  9. Andrew Luck – Colts.
  10. Derek Carr – Raiders.
  11. Drew Brees – Saints.
  12. Jameis Winston – Buccaneers.
  13. Brock OsweilerTexans.
  14. Phillip Rivers – Chargers.
  15. Eli ManningGiants.
  16. Carson PalmerCardinals.
  17. Andy DaltonBengals.
  18. Big BenSteelers.
  19. Ryan Tannehill – Dolphins.
  20. Matt RyanFalcons.
  21. Matthew Stafford – Lions.
  22. Sam Bradford – Eagles.
  23. RG IIIBrowns.
  24. Joe Flacco – Ravens.
  25. Teddy BridgewaterVikings.
  26. Alex Smith – Chiefs.
  27. Jay Cutler – Bears.
  28. Geno SmithJets.
  29. Tyrod Taylor – Bills.
  30. Mark SanchezBroncos.
  31. Jared GoffRams.
  32. Blaine Gabbart49ers.



Ezekiel Elliot is the 1st Running Back drafted in the top 5 since 2012 (Trent Richardson 3rd). Last year Todd Gurley went off the board at #10 overall.

Laremy Tunsil dropped to pick #13 and LB Myles Jack went undrafted on day 1.

5 Ohio State Players were drafted in Round 1.

  • 3rd Overall – Joey Bosa (Chargers).
  • 4th Overall – Ezekiel Elliot (Cowboys).
  • 10th Overall – Eli Apple (Giants).
  • 16th Overall – Taylor Decker (Lions).
  • 20th Overall – Darron Lee (Jets).

3 Ole Miss Players Drafted in Round 1.

  • 13th Overall – Laremy Tunsil (Dolphins).
  • 23rd Overall – Laquon Treadwell (Vikings).
  • 29th Overall – Robert Nkemdiche (Cardinals).

Positions Drafted

7 Defensive Backs drafted.

7 Defensive Lineman drafted

5 Offensive Tackles drafted.

4 Wide Receivers drafted.

3 Quarterbacks drafted.

2 Linebackers drafted.

1 Running Back drafted.

1 Center drafted.

1 Guard drafted.

The 1st two picks went QB-QB and last 5 picks of the draft were Big Men DT-OG-DT-DT-OT! Makes Football Sense to Moon Man.


May your favorite NFL Team continue to Draft accordingly without Bust(s) come Rounds 2-3 tonight.

As Always,

(Teams Going Off + Thoughts Flexed In = Combination Lineups)

May the Fantasy Force be with you.

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  1. I flip Carr and Cousins on that list.

  2. blake bortles at #1 are you high?
    kaepernick is not even on your list and you spell gabbert wrong????
    fuck the moon man

    • Considering Gabbert is the starter and the niners have tried to move him. Why would Kap be on the list at this point?
      Bortles was the 4th highest fantasy scoring QB last year.

    • Kaepernick!?! Are YOU high? He might not even play this year. Get some facts and come back and see me.

  3. i think your ideas on goff are all wrong. i believe we have our self another kurt warner but one made in a lab!

    • Warner was a journeyman. From arena league to the grocery store. Goff drafted #1 overall. No similarities here.
      Warner was 6’2 and 220+ while Goff is 6’4 and a lean 200+. No similarities here.
      Different throwing motion, footwork and balls thrown.
      Unless your saying Goff will be a backup only to start of an injury..then produced MVP number, only to fail with the Giants. Finally resurging with the Cardinals and losing a Superbowl.
      I think you are confused.

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