2015 Top Positional Target Report NFC EAST and 2016 PREDICTIONS

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2015 Top Positional Target Report NFC EAST and 2016 PREDICTIONS

Figure 1. Summary of 2015 League Team Targets vs Usage By Positions (Color Coded League Rankings)

Overall 2015 Target Distributions Slide13

Legend for the Color Coding in Figures 2 to 5

  • Green is the Positions Number 1,
  • Orange is the Position’s Number 2,
  • Yellow is the Position’s number 3 and
  • Blue is the Position’s fourth or greater targeted player.

DAL 2015 Target Analysis

Taking a look at the Dallas Cowboys from last year, we can see the RB targets were average, TE above average and WR below average. Dez Bryant missed significant time last year and so did Tony Romo so the Cowboys passing stats were definitely out of wack. Now with Dez back I’m expecting an uptick in WR targets.  2016 (RB 0) (WR+) and (TE-)

Figure 2 DAL 2015 WEEK by WEEK TOP Target Records by Position.

In 2015, the top RB targeted  was McFadden. Now McFadden has a busted elbow and the Cowboys spent a first round pick on stud running back Ezekiel Elliot. You can bet the farm that Elliot is going to top the charts on this team baring injury.

Jason Witten is a legend and his targets were way above any other TE last year. I’d expect him to still lead the TE’s, but with Dez back a lot of those targets will be lost.

Taking a look at the WR position and we see Terrance Williams #1 behind Cole Beasley. Dez Bryant is healthy and should retain his crown as the #1 receiver in Dallas.

DAL Slide22

NYG 2015 Target Analysis

When you look at the Giants from last season you see average across the board. That’s a credit to Eli Manning and his ability to spread the ball and make his reads. He’s not afraid to sit in the pocket and progress to his 3rd and 4th options when receivers are covered. For this year with the addition of rookie WR Sterling Shepard I’m predicting an increase in WR targets and a decrease in TE targets. The RB position should remain average. 2016 (RB 0) (WR+) and (TE-)

Figure 2 NYG 2015 WEEK by WEEK TOP Target Records by Position.

Shane Vereen no question, the guy is great catchign the ball out of the backfield. I don’t see any change to this in 2016.

TE Tye is an up and comer, but there’s only so many balls to go around. Slight decrease here.

The Giants are deep at WR and I can see Odell, Cruz and Shepard making a ton of plays this year.
NYG Slide34

PHI 2015 Target Analysis

The Eagles came in with the highest rank for RB’s, above average for TE’s and the lowest for WR’s. Enter a new head coach and a new offense and the team is bound to change. This years team will look totally different. I’m expecting the WR and TE positions to improve in rankings and the RB targets to decrease. Look out for a significant increase in TE targets. 2016 (RB -) (WR+) and (TE+)

Figure 2 PHI 2015 WEEK by WEEK TOP Target Records by Position.

This isn’t Chip Kelly’s offense, I just don’t see Sproles and Matthews getting 150+ targets this year.

This is the money position this year for the Eagles. Think Travis Kelce, Doug Peterson’s TE in Kansas City. The Chiefs loved to get him the ball and Zach Ertz is a big body just like Kelce.

Here’s where the Eagles have to improve. The Eagles traded for DGB to help on the outside and he should gain a lot of attention.
PHI Slide37

WAS 2015 Target Analysis

Washington comes in below average at RB, above average at TE and average at WR. I expect more of the same out in Washington. 2016 (RB 0) (WR 0) and (TE 0)

Figure 2 WAS 2015 WEEK by WEEK TOP Target Records by Position.

The Skins just don’t pass to their RB’s often and this year should be no different.

The TE position is Washingtons bread and butter. Jordan Reed dominates the middle of the field as you can see by his 114 targets that led the team.

Desean Jackson is back healthy so you can expect his numbers to improve. He’s also in a contract year along with QB Kirk Cousins. It’s possible to see 100+ targets to TE Reed, WR Garcon and WR Jackson this year.
WAS Slide45


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